The 1:1 coaching program for coaches and services providers that are ready become their true unapologetic self online by healing their unresolved visibility issues.


Authentic brands are unapologetic.

In today's online world, we are all craving more authenticity. 

Infusing your true unapologetic self into your brand will help standout in your industry. Attract clients that are aligned with your values, show up on camera and sell with confidence, even if you have small audience.


But it's not just about standing out.... 

  • You let people see the real YOU behind your brand,  you release the fear of rejection or negative feedback from others.
  • It's not about having a big personality, your online presence is whatever feels authentic to you.
  • You say what you really want to say about your industry without fear of being judged.
  • You'll stop gatekeeping your best content, you know your thoughts and opinions matter.
  • You'll feel abundant, knowing there's enough for everybody.
  • You'll show them how much you LOVE the work you do because you believe that you deserve to be heard, and that your message has immense value.
  • You'll show up as yourself, not a version of what you think will be "accepted" or "instagrammable", because it's ok to be imperfect.
  • You'll expand beyond version of visibility that feels doable, you know you are worthy of success.
  • "Haters" won't stop you from continuing to show up authentically. You embrace feedback as an opportunity for learning and growth. 
  • Your brand and your audience evolve with you, you won't lock yourself in a box.


You'll know how to process, feel, heal, any challenge that comes your way.


You'll finally eliminate self-criticism, and start having fun showing up online as your true unapologetic self online with ease.


Here's why most people get stuck

I believe that how you relate to showing up online is deeply related to how you feel about being seen.

  • If there was any moment when it felt unsafe to be seen, you may feel uncomfortable when attention is placed on you a.k.a. in your online presence. Your body is telling you something. And that's something that needs your love, compassion and attention.

  • How would you show up differently in your business and in your life if you felt safe to be seen?

  • I believe that being the face of your brand can be an empowering experience for you. So that you can confidently step forward in your business. Showing your true self online, connecting with your community authentically.

  • You don’t need to “level up”, when it comes to showing up authentically online it’s more about “aligning in”.

  • You are worthy of being seen just the way you are. All that we are doing is aligning your inner perception with your true unapologetic self online.

Because no matter how much mindset work we do, in order to actually change and stop self-sabotaging ourselves we need to heal our unresolved visibility issues.


Even if you don't know what your unresolved visibility issues are, yet...

Are you ready to become your true unapologetic self online?

Authentic brands don’t always know what their unresolved visibility issues are or how it's impacting them. But they are willing to go for the deepest level of healing available.


Once you learn to be willing to heal your unresolved visibility issues, you will be able to use it throughout your entire career as your brand evolves. Your authentic brand is like an onion, that gets peeled every time you heal an unresolved fear of being seen.


Your ability to consistently access the most profound level of healing is your most valued asset as a business owner.

Diana, Stage 4 Breast Cancer Coach For Moms

"I had been trying to overcome the block of putting my face on the internet and “being seen” to advance my business for a year...

It has quickly helped me find clarity for my next business launch, a new high ticket coaching offer & the confidence to post a vulnerable photo. The confidence to put myself out there. I wasn’t expecting the level of business development & marketing coaching! 

I just wanted to thank you for changing my life for the better. I'm really in awe - I though I didn't need a deeper healing, I didn't know what I needed.

I feel like it's it's destiny, it's universal timing.


All of your gifts and life experiences help me so much, help my relationships, help my family, healing this *my unresolved visibility issues*. I want to thank you not only for changing my life, but the ripple effect of it having under my roof, my kids, my primary relationships, they're all happier with a happier more peaceful me"





The 1:1 private coaching program designed help become your true unapologetic self online by healing your unresolved visibility issues.

Custom Aligned Presence Roadmap

Your Soul intuitive knows the fastest way to achieve your visibility and authentic marketing goals, keeping in mind your destiny in this planet at this time.

I trust that you have all the answers within you, through coaching You'll learn to tune into your intuition for guidance.

We'll create a custom visibility strategy and you'll master each small steps towards your visibility and authentic marketing goals.

2 Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls

My coaching style is gentle, compassionate and intentional.

We'll use deep transformational Spiritual Psychology coaching tools to observe what's triggering you, give you a container to express why you feel that way, uncover where your real hurt comes from so you can heal it.  

This will give you a new baseline from which you'll operate from.

Healing your unresolved visibility issues that came up along the way with each step inside your Aligned Presence Roadmap. This will allow you to continue to improve, go further than you've ever had and become my true unapologetic self online.

Private Messaging Office Hours

In between coaching calls you'll be able to work on healing your unresolved visibility issues as they come up in real time.

This will help you accelerate your healing path to visibility while also giving you momentum to really take action. You'll learn to rewire challenges into healed opportunities as they come.

Aligned Presence Framework is intentionally simple

The Aligned Presence Tools


The tools that you'll learn to use working together, you'll be able to add these to your own tool box, you'll be able to work your process when things come up, so that you can continue to be your true unapologetic self online.

Learning how to heal your unresolved visibility issues when challenges come up will support you though the lifetime of your career and will also improve your personal relationships.



The Energetic Reset

When working intuitively in your business is important to improve or upgrade visibility and marketing strategies that are no longer serving your highest good.

This energetic reset tool will help you prevent HUGE energy leaks that can dilute your efforts to show up consistently online.

It will help you continue to build your confidence to be seen and this energy will be poured back into you and your business so that you can use to explore a new more aligned visibility strategy.


Aligned Presence Boundaries


Most often we are scared of people crossing our boundaries online, when we don't even know what your boundaries are to begin with. It may feel like you are standing naked online.

You'll discover what these boundaries online can look like for you. You'll be able to implement them right away and start feeling safe within your online presence so you can show up as your true unapologetic self. 

We will also heal any unresolved visibility issue tied to these boundaries so that you can create your own inner safe space for your outer expression.


Compassionate Self Forgiveness

This tool will help you let go of any unresolved visibility self-judgments around what it means to be visible and, to take up space. Self forgiveness is not meant to be a spiritual bypass, but a fundamental step in the healing process of your unresolved visibility issues..

Self Forgiveness allows you to let go of the self judgments and misbeliefs that you've held against yourself. Blocking you from becoming your true unapologetic self online.

Inside Aligned Presence, you'll get intimately familiar with compassionate self forgiveness as a tool to heal your unresolved visibility issues. 

This tool will help you eliminate your negative self talk once and for all and cultivate self compassion.


Aligned Reframe

I love a good vision board, and affirmations as much as the next person but none of that helps if you are still operating under old beliefs. 

After you've explored your unresolved visibility issues, accepted them and practiced self forgiveness, the Aligned REFRAME Tool creates an amazing energy of acknowledging what's really true and a new way of thinking about yourself.

This tool will help you move towards your visibility and authentic marketing goals by creating new positive beliefs that supports you to become your true unapologetic self online.

 It helps you create a new thought pattern and it will help you take new actions that support these new beliefs. You'll be able to sustain the energy that your new small steps towards becoming your true unapologetic self online needs.


Inner Child Healing

This controversial business coaching tool is highly effective. The truth is that time doesn't heal anything, they just become unresolved visibility issues for which we create new coping mechanisms for. As an entrepreneur healing your inner child is your super power. 

This tool alone has helped so many of my clients understand and accept themselves better. It has given them a clearer understanding of their past experiences and beliefs, and develop compassion and empathy towards themselves. 

It will help you overcome limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that may be holding you back from growing your visibility as a business owner. You'll become more self-compassionate, confident, creative, authentic and resilient, and your true unapologetic self online.

Jenny: I thought I wasn't photogenic

 "I thought I wasn't photogenic and I focused on what I didn't like about my face and my body. I struggled with body image and thinking of myself as beautiful.

Lucia was able to make me feel so comfortable and in my own element. It was such a great experience. It helped me feel at ease and more present with the emotions I was feeling at the time. I felt more connected to myself.

I learned that I am beautiful and I am enough. The only thing holding me back in life is myself. Once I find the beauty that has always been inside me, I can share it with the world.

Now I feel much more comfortable in front of the camera and are taking a lot more photos now. I feel more comfortable in my own skin and accepting myself as I come.”


Bomi: I felt a lot of fear of being in the spotlight

"I felt a lot of fear being in the spotlight, because there were a lot of insecurities coming up for me, which I was avoiding.

Working with Lucia allowed me to empty the space that was initially filled with fear, insecurity, doubt, anxiety and pain. I was able to fill the empty space with confidence, compassion, patience, and self-love.

It was a vulnerable, raw, and beautiful process where I released everything that wasn't serving me.

I was holding on to a lot of pain and negative self talk. Being compassionate with the inner child within me really softened and warmed my heart; I felt peace.

I didn't think I could feel so comfortable in my skin. Thank you, Lucia! <3”




Ready to become your true unapologetic self

Apply Now and Book Your Complimentary 1:1 Coaching Call.


Here's my gift to you, no strings attached.

Book Your Complimentary 1:1 Coaching Call.

I want to invite you to book a complimentary, 1:1- 60 minute coaching call as a way to be of service to you. 

In this call:

  • We'll explore what your version of your true unapologetic self online would look like. Getting clear on what you would like to manifest through working together.You'll receive direct deep transformational coaching on your specific situation and create a custom plan to support you.
  • We'll go deep. I don't hold back.
  • You'll experience what healing your unresolved visibility issues is like
  • I'll give you next steps in service to becoming your true unapologetic self online.

There’s no requirement for anything further beyond this call; this is my gift to you. However, if at the end of your call you decide you would like to continue working together, you'll receive the next steps to join Aligned Presence.


Meet your coach

Hi, I'm Lucia

There’s a bunch of advice out there about the highest performing reels or tiktoks and visibility strategies for your business… 


But none of that helps if you feel horrible every time you take out your camera or try to show up authentically online.


I believe in the power of Spiritual Psychology. I noticed this through receiving my masters degree at the University of Santa Monica and through 8 years of experience as a brand photographer, coaching clients to heal their unresolved visibility issues. And now I want to help you overcome what holds you back from truly being seen.


Once you get more comfortable being visible, showing up becomes simple. Creating content will be easy.


You will wear your new-found comfort and confidence on your sleeve. It will show on camera.


And you'll become your true unapologetic self online.


This is for you if:

  • You are ready to stop playing small in your business and life.
  • You are done doing things in your business because you think that's what other people want.
  • You know that "pushing" yourself harder to be visible is not sustainable.
  • You've been hoping from strategy to strategy
  • You are ready to finally become your true unapologetic self online by healing their unresolved visibility issues.



This isn't for you if:

  • You are not willing to do the deeper healing needed to become your true unapologetic self online.
  • You are not the face of your brand or you have a product base business.
  • You are not willing to be seen.



"For a while I got back into judging every little thing and being afraid to show up because I didn't want people to think I didn't know what I was talking about. Now, I genuinely feel better and not as worried about all the things I want to cover or conceal on myself.

I am able to show up on social media again. I’ve learned that I need to be kinder to myself. If I don't love myself for all that I am, how anyone else feels about me doesn't matter.” 

Gabby Layne



Are you ready to become your true unapologetic self online?




Frequently Asked Questions



 What are unresolved visibility issues?

That hurt can come from a previous experience where your needs were not met. Your ego in order to make it make sense, creates rules and beliefs about what it meant. That's why whenever I hear some use the word "should", I immediately know that there's inner work to be done.

These beliefs, once healed become stepping stones for you to become your true unapologetic self online.

These triggers, are an opportunity to learn how to accept and love yourself more deeply. The more you are your authentic self online and in your business, the more opportunities you'll have to heal your unresolved visibility issues.


Your fear of being seen, is just a part of you that has done the best it knows how to keep you safe.


We need to heal those unresolved visibility issues, make sure that your needs are being met within your business and create a new way for you to feel safe to be seen and become your true unapologetic self online.

Rebecca: I have learned how to find joy when faced with uncomfortable situations. 

"I have always felt the pressure to cater a certain photo to certain viewers. I've done other shoots before, but never had I truly thought about why I was doing so and what I was trying to share about myself.

Lucia helped me dig through my past experiences and connect those components to who I am now. She helped me understand myself better and I believe that this brought more genuineness into my photos as well as helping me feel more comfortable.

I have learned how to find joy when faced with uncomfortable situations.


The main thing that has changed is how I find value in being in front of the camera. Before I felt like there was a sense of superficiality in getting your photo taken, but after working with Lucia, I am able to understand how the camera brings out my sense of self and spirituality.



Aaron: I learned to breathe during a photoshoot, pause, go inside myself and send that energy out into the world

"I have honestly had photo shoots with some of the best photographers. None of them could ever seem to capture the authentic me. It was "just another photoshoot" for them. I never felt comfortable in front of the camera even though I had been on television, photographed, etc... on multiple occasions. I always felt like it was a character I was portraying rather than the real me.  

Lucia did a great exercise to help me get back to the person that knew they didn't always have to be cool and in control. This allowed me to be more spontaneous, go with the flow, and let my hair down for the shoot. She created a safe space for me to allow my authentic self to be seen and loved.

I learned how to confidently move my body to create unique poses that are interesting and not awkward. I am a sexy man, with a beautiful smile, eyes, and heart that radiates love and gratitude. I learned to breathe during a photoshoot, pause, go inside myself and send that energy out into the world.

I can't wait to get in front of the camera again. I found confidence, authenticity, and inner guidance that allowed me to be vulnerable. Lucia created space for me to be myself and express myself. I am now ready to create video content.

 I can be myself and that is enough. I am whole, complete, and perfect just the way I am.



Ready to become your true unapologetic self

Apply Now and Book Your Complimentary 1:1 Coaching Call.

12 Months Option

$18,000 or $1500/month

  • (2) Monthly Coaching Calls 
  • Private Messaging Access
  • Custom Aligned Presence Roadmap
  • Portal of Custom Trainings and Workbooks 

6 Months Option

$10,000 or $1800/month

  • (2) Monthly Coaching Calls 
  • Private Messaging Access
  • Custom Aligned Presence Roadmap
  • Portal of Custom Trainings and Workbooks