Ready to confidently create on-camera content that converts, in one take?

The only thing between you and the business of your dreams is your fear of being seen. 

This 12-month group program will help you master the authentic marketing skills and the on-camera confidence tools you need to start showing up regularly online, launch faster, cut your on-camera content creation time in half, increase your conversion rate, eliminate self-criticism, become a thought leader in your niche while building a community that loves you.

We will open the doors September 21st join the waitlist for the Ready To Be Seen Program, and save $500 on your enrollment, when you join within the first 72 hours.

Diana found clarity for her next business launch:

I had been trying to overcome the block of putting my face on the internet and “being seen” to advance my business for a year...
So far the mastermind has quickly helped me find clarity for my next business launch (a new service offer) & the confidence to post a photo as vulnerable as this.

The confidence to put that out there. I wasn’t expecting the level of business development & marketing coaching!”

Megan overcame camera shyness:

"I thought to myself, 'wow, I am doing this exact same thing – erasing myself from the history of my own life!' by not being in photos. I would never have even considered attempting a photo like this before the course, my confidence in front of the camera has improved greatly. There is a lot of power in taking a photo of yourself that you love – and taking one quickly.

When mind, body and soul connect, the deeper why becomes clear and the photo journey becomes easier."

Jenny healed body image struggles and embraced self-love:

“I thought I wasn't photogenic and I focused on what I didn't like about my face and my body. I struggled with body image and thinking of myself as beautiful. 

I learned that I am beautiful and I am enough. The only thing holding me back in life is myself. Once I find the beauty that has always been inside me, I can share it with the world. 

Now I feel much more comfortable in front of the camera and am taking a lot more photos now. I feel more comfortable in my own skin and accepting myself as I come." 

Debra learned to mute her inner critic and stay focused with her goals of sharing her art work online:

"I am a visual artist who was lacking confidence and clarity before attempting to post videos and feared showing up online. With the group coaching calls and through practicing under Lucia’s coaching, I am ready to post my own reels and to host an event with IG live to show my paintings.

The supportive community provides a safe place to share our vulnerabilities and goals and to help each other with our feedback and ideas."


Ready To Be Seen is for you if...

  • You’re tired of feeling uncomfortable on camera and know your business would benefit from you being more confident.
  • You want to learn on-camera confidence tools to feel more comfortable and confident in your skin – and then show that on camera!
  • You’re ready to step up and get more visible, with ease, confidence, and fun.

"I signed up for an inner transformation that would make a positive change in my business but was surprised when it happened because it was beyond what I could imagine.

My camera confidence has improved enormously and I’m ready to launch a business that honors my talents and unique experience."

Jessica Novillo, student of Ready To Be Seen Mastermind

Hi, I'm Lucia Doynel —

And I help people heal their fear of being seen so they can create on-camera content that converts, and feel good doing it!

There’s a bunch of advice out there about taking the best selfies and the highest performing reels or tiktoks… But none of that helps if you feel horrible every time you take out your camera.

I believe in the power of Spiritual Psychology. I noticed this through receiving my masters degree at the University of Santa Monica and through 8 years of experience coaching clients using these tools, to feel confident in front of the camera. And now I want to help you overcome what holds you back from truly being seen.

Once you get more comfortable being visible, showing up becomes simple. Creating content will be easy. 

You will wear your new-found comfort and confidence on your sleeve.

And it will show on camera.

The Doors To The Ready To Be Seen Program Open on September 21st!

Join the waitlist for the Ready To Be Seen Program, and save $500 on your enrollment, when you join within the first 72 hours.