The Best Way To Market According To Your Personality With Deanna Seymour


In today’s episode, we hear from Deanna Seymour, self-described rebel, and marketing strategist.

Today, we talk about questioning the status quo, marketing according to your personality, being consistent with branding, embracing your authenticity, quitting diet culture, and the importance of mastering your confidence.


In this Episode:

  • [00:52] How would Deanna describe herself?
  • [01:25] Being a rebel in business.
  • [02:27] Helping people market according to their personalities.
  • [04:27] What is the best way to market according to your personality?
  • [06:55] Letting go of the “shoulds.”
  • [08:51] What Deanna does now to grow her business that feels good.
  • [14:47] Creating your consistent brand.
  • [17:03] Deanna’s first business
  • [17:54] Deanna’s personality in her branding.
  • [21:37] What helped Deanna embrace herself as she is
  • [24:29] Feeling safe on camera.
  • [29:08] Quitting diet culture.
  • [35:12] Mastering confidence.

Meet Deanna Seymour

Digital Marketing Strategist and host of the podcast, Eff That: Breaking the Rules of Online Business, Deanna Seymour knows the power of creativity, fun, and lettin' your freak flag fly when it comes to marketing your business.

Whether she’s hosting an online coworking sesh or helping a client get over their fear of being on camera, Deanna uses humor and empathy to build a community that helps people feel seen, heard, and ultimately more comfortable in their own skin so they can have more fun getting in front of their perfect-fit clients.
When she’s not working with clients, she’s probably callin’ out sleazy marketing tactics, hangin’ with her fam, or sneaking in some crappy reality tv!


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Instagram: @thedeannaseymour.

Podcast: Eff That Podcast.



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