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If you have the right on-camera confidence and mindset to be seen, you can create on-camera content that converts and become your true unapologetic self online. 


Aligned Presence

A 1:1 private coaching program for coaches and service providers who want to heal their unresolved visibility issues so you can easily become your true unapologetic self online.

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Ready To Be Seen Mastermind

The 6-month group program to help you confidently create on-camera content that converts… and feel good doing it!

Master the authentic marketing skills and the on-camera confidence tools to start showing up regularly, grow your business, increase your visibility and impact, while building a community that loves you.

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In my work, whether it’s on a photoshoot or video-shoot, I work closely with how we relate to ourselves as we are being in front of the camera.

I use multiple Spiritual Psychology tools and techniques to support you in letting go of any challenge that you may feel in the moment, from shyness, to judgments about your appearance —And then let that shine through on camera.

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Hi, I’m Lucia Doynel

And I help people feel comfortable in front of the camera using spiritual psychology tools.

There’s a bunch of advice out there about taking the best selfies and the highest performing reels or tiktoks… But none of that helps if you feel horrible every time you take out your camera.

I believe in the power of Spiritual Psychology.  I noticed this through receiving my masters degree at the University of Santa Monica and through 8 years of experience coaching clients using these tools, to feel confident in front of the camera. And now I want to help you overcome what holds you back from truly being seen.

Once you get more comfortable being visible, showing up becomes simple. Creating content will be easy. 

You will wear your new-found comfort and confidence on your sleeve.

And it will show on camera.