How Trauma Impacts Business Success with Lisa Kuzman

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In today's episode, I'm interviewing Lisa Kuzman, Leadership Coach and Trauma Educator, to share how trauma impacts business success, and resources to work through it in your business.

In this episode we talked about:

- How Lisa's background as a social worker and experience in mental health impacted her coaching business.
- How trauma affects your business success.
- Lisa's best resources for trauma in the context of entrepreneurship.
- Mindset vs trauma.
- Navigating shame and guilt around productivity capacity.
- Most important lessons through running her trauma certification program.
- Healing the fear of feeling unsafe to make mistakes.
- How competing intentions play a role in having your needs met and self care.
- Why tough love coaching doesn't really work and self-compassion is a lifelong value add.
- How language around trauma impacts informs the work
- Finding safe people


Meet Lisa:

Lisa Kuzman is the host of the New Wave Leadership podcast, founder of READY - a trauma sensitive certification program, and business coach to entrepreneurs with a complex history of trauma.

As a former clinical social worker, Lisa brings over a decade of mental health experience in non-profit hospice, long-term care, and hospital settings to her work as a coach.

Additionally, she draws from her own personal survivorship to provide trauma-sensitive education in the personal development industry.

Lisa is a playful, down-to-earth person who tries not to take things too seriously. She loves spicy food, craft beer, doggies, Audible books, and being active outside.

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