How To Change Your Story With Liz Wilcox


The Fresh Princess of Email Marketing, Liz Wilcox is an Email Strategist and Keynote Speaker showing small businesses how to build online relationships, package up their “magic” and turn it into emails that people want to read and, most importantly, purchase from.

Learning how to be seen changed the game for her! I hope her story and expertise can help others change their life for the better, too.

"When you know what you are in control of, it's very easy to let go of what you are not" ~Liz Wilcox.

We talked about:

  • The story behind her name “fresh princess of email marketing”
  • How Liz grew her membership community to 2000 members by being seen!
  • How Liz changed her story from being sad and shy to confident and happy
  • How Liz feels being in the spotlight
  • Turning grief into a driving force


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New episodes every Wednesday to help you heal your unresolved visibility issues & feel confident on camera, so you can create on-camera content that converts and become your true unapologetic self online .

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It's time to become your true unapologetic self online

I’m going to show you how to pose, take amazing photos, connect through videos and finally feel confident on camera, but it’s about so much more…

It’s about feeling confident in your own expression. It’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin. It’s about creating content that reflects your most authentic self.

It’s about truly, wholly being seen.

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