Unleash Your Purpose and Find Safety as an Entrepreneur through Ancestral Healing and Nonviolent Communication with Meenadchi



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In this podcast, Meenadchi shares her journey starting her practice in non-violent communication and ancestral healing. She discusses how updating your beliefs and letting go of self-sabotage and self-doubt can bring more ease in your life and business. Meenadchi also touches on the importance of honoring your work and how it impacts your sense of safety to be seen.


Meenadchi is a somatic and ancestral healing practitioner whose work centers the softness of meeting our best self and deepening into our collective light. Using a blend of Family Constellation Therapy and Non-Violent Communication, Meenadchi supports inquisitive individuals and entreprenuerial changemakers in reconnecting with the intuitive wisdom of our bodies so that we can co-create intergenerational healing by changing the way we speak to ourselves, each other, and the universe. Meenadchi holds a clinical license in occupational therapy and has historically served communities impacted by gender-based violence, complex trauma, and serious mental illness. She is the author of Decolonizing Non-Violent (hyperlink:


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It's time to become your true unapologetic self online

I’m going to show you how to pose, take amazing photos, connect through videos and finally feel confident on camera, but it’s about so much more…

It’s about feeling confident in your own expression. It’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin. It’s about creating content that reflects your most authentic self.

It’s about truly, wholly being seen.

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