Client: Megan Aldrich
Make up Artist: Giovanna Dal Bom
Photographer: Lucia Doynel
Location: Highland Park, Los Angeles

“A year ago, I was finishing up my yoga training at YTT for the second time around. Everybody was like “You need to be on social media”.

It was this enormous amount of pressure. And I wasn't comfortable with it. 


The more people told me to go on social media, the more I wanted to run from it. 

When I saw Lucia’s photography… the women all look so confident and beautiful. And, I thought to myself… okay, someday we will do this, someday…”


I was waiting for every single thing to be perfect. 

What was holding me back, was something I am going to continue to work on. Being seen. 

This photoshoot definitely helped. 


If I was to show you a picture of me at 27 versus 37. Like, you'd be like, those are not the same people. 

And I think that's hard for me to understand. But, that’s me! Lucia just showed me the pictures, that is who I am. So it's crazy.


The meditation technique I learned in my session, I actually ended up doing again. 


And what ended up happening was you just like ripping and tearing through all of past experiences, past relationships, which we also talked about you and I did and I threw it all in the basket. That meditation is everything.

The coaching session allowed me to connect our energy face to face. And you get a better understanding of that person. When you get it, you take that time. Make space to see how you feel.


It's like a whole experience, from start to finish. 


Through this shoot, I am more connected to my body.

I want to start sharing more. I want to support women to understand how powerful they are.

How much we can help each other grow, and there's enough for all.

Now I am able to start sharing. And, I just have never had the images before.

It's time and I have to stop being afraid of what people think, because that is just where I am, that's the past and that's not where we stay.”
Megan A.

Now let's move it forward.” Megan Aldrich



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