The most under-utilized storytelling tool for business owners with Willow McDonough

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Willow McDonough is an on-camera coach, digital storyteller, video producer. She works with people to elevate their on-camera presence, so they can share their story, mission, and personality with who needs to hear it most. She helps people who have personal brands, small/medium sized companies who want to create engaging video content, and who struggle to show up on camera to share their message in an effective way.

In this episode we talked about:

- How Willow got into storytelling and on-camera coaching
- Why do people struggle with on-camera presence
- Authentic vs polished content
- Willows techniques to relax on camera when recording content
- The reality of how many takes it takes.
- The most under-utilized storytelling tool for business owners
- Willow's journey with being seen
- How to test your audience's reaction to your vulnerability
- What's Willow's story with carving her own path
- What does it mean to run your business intuitively
- Willow's childhood and breaking the mold
- Designing a life and business you love
- Committing to be seen

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It's time to become your true unapologetic self online

I’m going to show you how to pose, take amazing photos, connect through videos and finally feel confident on camera, but it’s about so much more…

It’s about feeling confident in your own expression. It’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin. It’s about creating content that reflects your most authentic self.

It’s about truly, wholly being seen.

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